WATCH: If You Live In Australia, Then You Could End Up With One Of These ‘Ferrero Fountains’ On Valentines Day!

Just in case you had forgotten, then there are only another THREE DAYS to go until Valentines Day is upon us (thank us later). 

So there is still plenty of time to bag your valentines day gift for that special someone (or people) in your life.

But if you happen to live in Australia, then this valentines day could mean that you are met with ‘Ferrero Fountain’ when you open that special package on the 14th Feb. 

In a video shared by ‘Nutella and Dessert Lovers’ on Facebook (see below) we witness the unveiling of a chocolate cake that is covered with ‘wet’ (not sure what the foodie term is) chocolate that oozes down the side of the cake once the top has been removed. 

The postal services in Australia must be pretty decent, because if this cake were being delivered anywhere else in the world, then the cake would never make it to its destination. 

Or rather, it would make it to its destination, but it would resemble more of a milkshake than an actual cake. 

The ‘Ferrero Fountain’ cake is being sold on a website called ‘’ (no word about international deliveries), and it can be your valentines (or yours) for AUD 47. 

Which is not a bad price for something that will give you enough calories that you won’t need to eat again until valentines day 2021. 

I do not have a particularly sweet tooth, so when I saw the video below, then I instantly started to feel a bit lightheaded at the thought of all of that sugary bliss. 

But if you love cakes and you also happen to burn off around 10,000 calories each day, then this could be your ideal valentines day gift if you tag your partner quick enough. 

You can even add your own message to the cake, add a topper (whatever that is), add a balloon or add a bear. 

Just for clarity, the bear that you can add to this cake is not actually a real bear, its a teddy bear. 

If you are thinking of getting this gift for your partner on valentines day, then I would suggest that you send it to your partner’s place of work. 

Your partner’s colleagues will then love you forever, and should you ever get dumped then your former partner’s colleagues will be queuing up to date you. 

If you do get one for your partner, then let us know how it goes down (the cake that is). 

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