‘Can You Not Put Your Sirens On At 5 am..Need To Sleep For Work Here!!’ | Angry Person Tweets Northumbria Police

If you happen to live in a built-up area, then you are probably used to hearing sirens at all times of the day and night as the overworked emergency services try to keep the country from destroying itself. 

I spent quite a few years working in east London as well as living (I’m not allowed to call it ‘east London’) in the beautiful London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. 

After the first year of living there, I could pretty much guess the emergency vehicle just by the sound of its siren. 

Most people tend to get used to the noise after a while, or they buy earplugs which helps to drown out the meditative, almost zen-like sound of the sirens which can be heard from as far away as the International Space Station. 

But one guy was so angry at being woken up at 5 am owing to the noise of some police sirens, that he took to Twitter to vent his anger. 

In a tweet, a social media user by the name of ‘Simon C’ said:

@Northumbriapol can you not put your sirens on at five am…need to sleep for work here!! 

‘Surely the flashing blue lights and headlights is [sic] enough at this time of morning if your [sic] tending to an emergency!’ 

What ‘Simon C’ seems to have overlooked, however, is that fact that the sirens are there to warn other road users as to the presence of the emergency vehicle. 

But this also means that, for example, if a vehicle fails to stop for the police then they will have to turn on their sirens, regardless of what time of the night or morning it is. 

Because you can bet yourself a pint of beer that if a police officer hits another vehicle or a pedestrian while on a blue light call and their siren is not activated, then that police officer is going to be hauled before the courts. 

So it should be pretty apparent to most people that, as well as being a good alarm clock, sirens which are fitted to emergency vehicles are there to alert other people to the presence of the police car, ambulance or fire engine (or coastguard if you happen to spot one). 

Of course, we all like to get our beauty sleep in before heading off to work. 

But crimes and emergencies don’t stop when everyone goes to bed (as much as the emergency serivces would probably like them to stop during this time).

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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7 thoughts on “‘Can You Not Put Your Sirens On At 5 am..Need To Sleep For Work Here!!’ | Angry Person Tweets Northumbria Police

  1. If it was him getting rushed to hospital in an emergency i am sure he would want every siren horn blowing flashing lights blasting away .Selfish pri#k

  2. If your in the shit nothing sounds better than the sound of a siren in the distance getting closer and closer.

  3. Haha, I genuinely took a complaint exactly like that from a member of our Great British Public. I got the response Sgt (who was actually the officer who had been driving) to give him a “friendly” call. Don’t think he’ll be complaining again 😁

  4. Isnt it time to allow reasonable discretion by officers so they dont have to fear court action for not having sirens on. If really no need at 5am – fear of being criticised / legal action – shouldn’t change the fact theres really no need. Common sense trumps rules is rules. Or at least should do. If theres no real need and emergency service drivers have sirens on through housing areas at 4 -5am surely thats being inconsiderate to a very large number of people.

  5. In all honesty I didn’t think any of our wonderful Emergency Services vehicles were allowed to have the sirens on (same as mops shouldn’t use the car horn) between 2300 -0700 unless given permission. But in my opinion, it should be down to the drivers involved to use their common sense.

    1. When I was trained on blue lights I was told it was illegal for emergency vehicles to use sirens between 23.00 and 07.00 also .

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