WATCH: Professional Bystander Berates Firefighters For Stocking Up On Provisions

When most of us see a firefighter, we tend to feel a sense of immense gratitude because these brave men and women are willing to risk their own lives to save the life of a complete stranger. 

But as the video below shows, not everybody shares this same sense of appreciation and recognition.

At the beginning of the video, an angry ‘professional bystander’ can be seen filming some firefighters while shouting ‘I’ve got you, I’ve got you’ – seemingly referring to the fact that he has a picture of the firefighters picking up their groceries. 

The professional bystander then rambles on: “You guys know you have to work together. You guys know you have to eat and everything.”

So in the space of 4 seconds, he has already put to bed the reason for his ridiculous child-like rant. 

But this dude is mad. He is angry that the on-call firefighters are shopping even though nature demands that they eat — even though they are on-duty. 

And that’s the point; had a 911 call of come through then the firefighters would have responded to it. But this professional bystander isn’t interested in the facts. He is angry and he wants his 3 minutes of ‘fame’. 

“You drive all the way down here, why don’t you guys shop at the Wagon Wheel?” the professional bystander proclaims. 

At this stage, if I were one of the firefighters, then I would have told the professional bystander to ‘get a life’ and to ‘foxtrot oscar’. But these guys are professionals and have to control their own feelings towards this muppet who is on a rant. 

‘Oh we do’, said one of the firefighters in response to the stupid questions which they now have to answer. 

‘Why aren’t you there tonight shopping?’ asks the male who probably once applied to join the fire service, but got knocked back owing to his bad attitude. 

‘It’s expensive’ replies the firefighter. 

Maybe if this professional bystander stopped wasting everyone’s time by asking why the firefighters are shopping where they are and instead campaigned for better salaries for the firefighters, then they would buy at ‘Wagon Wheel’. 

The professional bystander then drops a clanger: ‘Well, I tell you what, I am going to go in front of the board of supervisors, I’m gonna go in front of your boss, Morris, and make a complaint’.

The rest of the 3-minute long video speaks for itself. 

I am reasonably confident that ‘Morris’ would have told this male to ‘do one’ and to stop wasting his time. And I would have loved to of been in the room when he did. 

This professional bystander clearly has something missing from his life if his only source of entertainment is to tell firefighters off for DARING to buy some food during a break. 

As I said, if a 911 call would have come through, then, the firefighters would have left their shopping and responded to the emergency. So what is this guys problem? 

If you were one of the firefighters, what would you have said to this male? And also, why do you think he was so angry?  

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Posted by 9 to 5 Life on Saturday, February 8, 2020

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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Professional Bystander Berates Firefighters For Stocking Up On Provisions

  1. This “professional bystander” needs to get a life! How dare he berate the men who risk their lives to help others on a daily basis, simply for stocking up on the provisions necessary to fuel their bodies in order to save the lives of those they come in contact with while doing their job? They were beyond kind to him, and deserve a raise just for putting up with his mouth!! Shame on you, PB!!

  2. I’m a retired firefighter with 36 years service! Basically,I would have told him to “Fill His Boots”!! I would also have suggested that if he wanted to berate professionals when he isn’t on fire, …then perhaps he shouldn’t call them if he ever is!!!

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