Residents Stunned After Finding An Apache Parked In A Field In The English Countryside

If you spend quite a lot of time being at one with yourself in the English countryside, then you are probably used to seeing all sort of different things as you meander through the open roads. 

Wildlife, plants, trees, fields, doggers and Apache attack helicopters. 

Well, maybe not the helicopter but everything else is a pretty standard sight in the English wilderness (apparently). 

But ramblers in Lincolnshire were met with the surprising sight of an Apache helicopter over the weekend that had to make a precautionary landing in one farmer’s field. 

The helicopter belongs to British Army’s elite deep strike Helicopter Battlegroup. These lads and lasses offer close support to our brave men and women on the ground who find themselves in ‘hot spots’ when deployed to conflict zones.

Pic credit: @CO_3RegimentAAC | Twitter

A tweet on their CO’s twitter account said:

“If you happen to see an Apache parked in a field in Lincolnshire, don’t worry!

“Due to a technical issue, the crew made a precautionary landing in a field. 

“Our engineers are looking at it now. They may have to weather out the coming storm (the tweet was posted on Saturday 8th Feb) before it comes home!”. 

The picture of the chopper sat idle in the field is one that you definitely will not see that often (not if you live in the English countryside anyway!) 

The Army’s Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME) were soon on scene, tending to the stricken multi-million-pound combat machine. 

@CO_3RegimentAAC tweeted to say:

“It might be getting dark and in our field but our @Official_REME technicians are already on-site to diagnose the problem and start to fix it”. 

Word clearly did not get out that the helicopter was in the field because as the evening wore on, there were no images of members of the public trying to climb all over the machine and have their pictures taken with it.

The helicopter was secured before storm Ciara hit on Sunday morning. “In case of being stuck in a field during storm Ciara…las yourself to the ground like you are on a ship! 

“Not the right weather for high tech engineering. We’ll let it blow through and then have a better look tomorrow. In the meantime, do say hi to the team if you are passing” said @CO_3RegimentAAC 

The last tweet regarding an update on the Apache was just under 24 hours ago. 

Hopefully, it didn’t get blown away in the storm only to end up in some unsuspecting member of the public’s back garden! 

Let’s hope that it doesn’t get left unattended, because someone armed with a metal detector will stumble across it and claim it as theirs! Although I am not sure if eBay has a category for Apache helicopters?

Had it of landed in my back garden then I am pretty sure that, owing to the amount of time I used to spend on flight-sim video games when I was a kid, then I am sure that I could have flown it back for them…honest. 

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