As The UK Battles Storm ‘Ciara’, Speed Enforcement Cameras Can STILL Be Found On Grassy Verges

Perhaps one of the last things you would expect to find out on the roads today during one of the worst storms in years is a mobile speed enforcement van lurking in a layby. 

But that is precisely what one of our followers spotted on a muddy layby during their essential travels this afternoon in Cosford, Shropshire. 

Storm ‘Ciara’ has brought winds of 97mph, cancelling flights, rail services and premiership football matches. 

The Environment Agency has issued a ‘red’ severe flood warning for the River Nidd in North Yorkshire (meaning there is “danger to life”), and Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service has declared a “major incident” owing to the number of emergency calls it has received during the storm. 

But some authorities have thrown ‘caution to the wind’ by still sending their speed enforcement vans out on deployments as they get battered by the 80mph winds. 

The follower who sent the picture into us said:

“80mph winds, torrential rain, flooding, buildings falling down, amber warning for the entire country, trees on the road every 300 yards, and they decide TODAY is the day West Mercia decide for speed enforcement…

“pretty sure any readings would be inadmissible anyway when the vans rocking like a bucking bull

“Be a Shame if they’re stuck in the mud….we (the police) really don’t do ourselves any favours sometimes with public perception!!”

With the risk of trees being blown over by the wind, into the path of vehicles, then some people might say that there is a greater need for speed enforcement during the windy conditions. 

But most people probably wouldn’t like to be stuck in the back of a van as trees are being blown over and buildings get damaged. 

Not to mention the increased risk of accidents just because of the inclement weather. Already we have seen a spike in reports concerning the sheer number of accidents on the roads today. 

Do you think that the mobile speed enforcement van should have been sent out today? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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