WATCH: Ever Wondered What A Blast Shockwave Feels Like?

The problem with ‘war’ video games is that the people who spend all week playing them start to believe that the gaming experience is akin to reality. 

But if you have always wondered what a blast-front sounds like, then wonder no more. 

The video below was filmed by a wannabe documentary maker who also just happened to be serving in the military and captured the event on his mobile phone. 

At the beginning of the 15-second clip, all appears to be calm as the camera is pointed towards the horizon on a crystal clear day with blue skies. 

Two seconds in, you see the blast illuminate the centre of the screen as a camera pod on the military vehicle is also trained towards the epicentre of the event. 

A small mushroom cloud, well, small in aspect, appears a few seconds later but the front of the blast is yet to arrive at the located where the event is being filmed. 

It’s not until the 10-second mark when you see the shockwave appears a split second before the cameraman ducks for cover and ‘boom’ – it hits. 

So it has taken the shockwave 8 seconds to travel from its origin to where the military vehicle is located meaning that if the shockwave is going at 6,900 metres per second, then the vehicle is around 34 miles away from the blast (a random bit of information there for you). 

Nobody was injured (from the vantage point) in the blast, and we haven’t been able to verify where the blast was filmed or when. 

But we thought that you would find the video interesting, just because, well, it is (or at least we think it is!) 

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