Male Spotted In Belfast Trying To Take Washing Machine On Bus

If you have ever tried to get on a crowded bus with anything other than a tiny backpack, then you will know just how cramped and tight for space it can be. 

And that’s without the fifteen buggies and family of 25 who have just finished smashing the Next sale. 

So to take anything other than small items on buses require a considerable amount of courage, optimism and bravery. 

But that is precisely what one male in Belfast was spotted doing after getting his hands on a new washing machine. 

All we have seen is an image of the male waiting for the bus; whether he got on it or not is another story (he could even still be there now if anyone is available for a welfare check?). 

You can imagine the look on the faces of the bus driver and the other passengers as this man with a washing machine tries to squeeze onto the crowded bus. 

And what’s the bet that he tried to take the washing machine upstairs – navigating through the smallest staircase ever known to humankind. 

Still, you have to admire the man’s determination.

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One thought on “Male Spotted In Belfast Trying To Take Washing Machine On Bus

  1. This guy would give “The Rock” a run for his money. Washing Machines are not the lightest things in the world. Fair play to him.

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