WATCH: Dog Makes The Most Of The Snow By Taking Itself Sledging

For most people, a few inches of snow means taking the week off work, panic buying bread, milk and chocolate down the local supermarket and being forced to do DIY odd jobs around the house which you have been putting off for the last eight years. 

Public transportation systems come to a halt as trains, planes and other forms of transport suddenly become ‘unable’ to move around in the 3cm snowdrifts. 

Unruly kids start making snowballs with stones in the middle of them before throwing them at motorists brave enough to head out into the ‘snowstorm’. 

And after around an hour, the novelty of your mates putting snow down your back starts to wear off as you have to walk home in freezing wet clothes. 

And this there is this dog. Not caring about the snow and just making the most of it. 

In the video below, shared on ‘Doglaw SOS’ this four-legged-companion takes his sledge to the top of a small hill, puts the sledge down, jumps on it and then casually floats down the hill like a first-class snowboarder. 

Only to get to the bottom of the hill, pick up the sledge (with its mouth obviously) and start all over again. 

If you have had a stressful week, then this video will probably put a smile on your face; even if you are not a fan of the white stuff…

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