WATCH: Could This Be The Best Firefighter Recruitment Video On Facebook?

You may, or may not, already know that there is a legion of brave volunteer firefighters in the UK who help to form the backbone of the emergency services. 

These gallant lads and lasses are known as ‘retained firefighters’. They are not full-time salaried firefighters who undertake the traditional shift patterns, based in the fire station. 

Instead, they go about their daily business in their local community and carry a pager with them, ready to spring into action as soon as an emergency call received.

They operate in much the same way as lifeboat volunteers do.  

Typically, retained firefighters must live/work within five minutes of where their local fire station is located so that they can respond to emergency calls promptly. 

You might see your local fire and rescue service advertise for volunteers to be trained up to become a retained firefighter — but it isn’t often you see a jazzy video being made to try and recruit new volunteers. 

However, Sawston Community Fire & Rescue Station have put together a video that we think is worthy of a share. 

And if you like Bruno Mars then you are in for a special treat as they have picked one of his most popular tracks as the backing music.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section

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