That Doesn’t Look Like Chicken To Me!

If you are conscious of what you eat, then you probably try to steer clear of greasy calorie-laden fast food. 

But sometimes, you can’t help but find yourself down your local fast-food takeaway. Especially after a night out or if you are unlucky enough to be working a night shift. 

But if ever a picture was going to surface on social media that would discourage me from eating fast food for life, then this would be it. 

The last thing you expect to emerge from your greasy box of condemned fried chicken and soggy chips is a mouse (the animal kind rather than the computer variety). 

But that is precisely what this hungry social media user found when she delved into her ‘nutrious’ fast food. 

But what is the worst thing that you have found in your fast food? Let us know in the comments below!

Surely it cannot be worse than a mouse…

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