Veteran’s To Be Guaranteed Civil Service Job Interviews Upon Leaving The Forces

The Office for Veterans’ Affairs has announced that British military veterans are to receive guaranteed job interviews for civil service jobs, beginning later this year. 

Veteran’s often find it hard to immediately adjust to non-governmental roles after leaving the armed forces meaning that they can often be out of work for a considerable amount of time after leaving the forces. 

But Veterans can be a great asset to any company owing to their work ethic, trustworthiness and attention to detail (not to mention their excellent timekeeping!). 

The Office for Veterans’ Affair said that veterans who apply for civil service roles would get the chance to be interviewed. 

However, applicants will need to meet what it has called a “basic minimum criteria” to secure the job interview. 

But we aren’t yet sure of what this “basic minimum criteria” actually is. 

The popular initiative, due to start in the spring, was first made public in the Conservative Party’s manifesto for last years election. 

Minister for Defence, People and Veterans, Johnny Mercer, said: 

“Service personnel are agile, strategic and excellent team players – a guaranteed interview will shine a light on these skills and help boost job prospects.”

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Oliver Dowden, who represents the Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) in Cabinet said: 

“The end of military service should not mean an end to serving our great country.

“From teamwork to problem-solving, our veterans have incredible skills and experience that employers on civvy street, and indeed Whitehall, are crying out for.

“I want to see even more of our ex-servicemen and women join the public sector, so we all benefit from their talents.”

It is great to see our veteran’s being looked after by ensuring that they can continue to work in a familiar environment when they leave the armed forces. 

We owe so much to the men and women who signed up to potentially give their own lives to protect our freedom and values. 

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