Paramedics Overwhelmed After Heart-Touching ‘Thank You’ Note

Few people will understand the emotional roller coaster that is serving in the emergency services & the NHS unless you have worked in the emergency services or NHS. 

One minute you could be saving the life of a choking child, the next minute you could be telling someone that their loved one has passed away. 

The emergency services, and in the context of this article, the emergency ambulance services, do not get enough credit for the fantastic work they do. 

Half-hearted ‘thank yous’ from some politicians after critical national incidents tend to go in one ear and out of the other one. 

Because if politicians REALLY appreciated the amazing men and women who make up the emergency ambulance service, then they would pay them more and recruit more of them to ease their workload.  

For many members of the emergency service, its the gratitude and thanks they receive from their patients and from members of the public which really count. 

After dealing with a job, medic Shaun Child was approached by a member of the public who had a little something for him. 

Shaun said:

“On-shift 08:30 til 18:30, halfway through our shift thereabouts. Brought a patient from East Surrey Hospital into Horsham Hospital. 

“As we’ve dropped the patient off and we began walking back to our ambulance ready for our next job, a random lady walks by and asks to speak to us. 

“Completely at random, she started praising us for our work as part of the emergency services.

“In addition to this, she hands be and [my colleague] a small postcard. 

“This card [was] in fact a painting that she lady actually did herself, saying thank you to anyone who is a part of the emergency services by expressing each service within the each letter of the sentence. 

“On the back of the postcard was a personal message saying thank you for the help we provide to the community, and to praise where some people do not. 

“Small things like this really come as a shock but makes us feel so proud to the job that we do. 

“So thank you to ‘Fiona’ for this random act of praise…

“you’ve really made my day”. 

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