Has Lancashire Police Started To Raise Money By Operating On People!?

We spotted something on social media earlier on today that has given us cause for concern. 

We already know that Theresa May, when she was Prime Minister, took a wrecking ball to the police and smashed them to pieces with it. 

She got rid of 22,000 police officers, many with years of invaluable experience, and binned off loads of police staff.

Police stations were shut, and the land/buildings sold off to billionaire property developers as forces up-and-down the country were told that they had to save millions of pounds to appease Mrs May’s ego and disdain for the police. 

And still, to this day, nobody with an ounce of common sense understands why, when a population is INCREASING in number, anyone would think that cutting police numbers was a ‘good’ idea!? 

And let us not forget that the Police Federation of England & Wales, who represent the UK’s 122,000 police officers warned Mrs May that if she did cut police numbers, then crime would increase. 

But as we all know, Mrs May cut police numbers anyway and, hey presto, crime rates (in real terms) have gone up as there are fewer police officers around to deal with more calls. 

So when we saw a Lancashire Police sign that read: ‘Wyre Operating Centre’ then we started to think: ‘have the police been forced to carry out surgical procedures and operations on patients in order to raise money?’ 

Maybe it’s a sign..?

Surely not. 

However, if you get a letter from Lancashire Constabulary giving you a time and a date to turn up for a medical procedure, then you can expect multi-skilled police officers in full surgical attire to be standing there when you arrive in your dressing gown ready to give you that operation you have been waiting eight months on the NHS for.

But don’t get me started on that… 

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