David Cameron’s Close Protection Officer In Hot Water After ‘Leaving Gun In Aeroplane Toilet’

A close protection officer, assigned to look after former Prime Minister David Cameron, is being investigated by the Met Police after he reportedly left his 9mm Glock in a toilet on a transatlantic passenger jet. 

According to the Daily Mail, a “terrified passenger” found the firearm in the toilet cubicle and handed it over to aircrew on the British Airways flight that was bound for New York from London on Monday.

Mr Cameron is still entitled to have close protection officers, provided by the Met Police, solely because he served as a prime minister. 

The Met has confirmed that the close protection officer involved has been removed from active duty while an investigation is carried out. 

According to the Sun, Mr Cameron’s passport, along with the passport of the close protection officer, were also found in the toilet by the passenger. 

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told the media: 

“We are aware of the incident on a flight into the UK on 3 February and the officer involved has since been removed from operational duties.

“We are taking this matter extremely seriously, and an internal investigation is taking place.”

British Airways said it had adhered to Civil Aviation Authority rules allowing UK police “to carry firearms on board in specific, controlled circumstances”.

“Our crew dealt with the issue quickly before departure, and the flight continued as normal,” the airline added in a statement.

Let’s hope that the officer concerned still keeps his job. 

After all, we all make mistakes, and I am relatively sure that he/she won’t end up doing it again. 

But let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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