‘Border Reivers’ Responds After Mocking Pictures Of Crashed Police Car

A few days ago, we shared a story about a Facebook page called ‘Border Reivers’ that shared a picture of a badly damaged police car that had clearly been in a serious road traffic collision. 

The image (which has since been removed) showed a patrol vehicle that had sustained a substantial rear-end impact.

The page in question, ‘Border Reivers’ caption the post by saying: ‘Not feeling the sympathy, guys’. 

One of our followers was so outraged by the post that he emailed the company concerned. They responded. He then sent the reply to us. 

We feel that it is only right to share their open apology because everyone has a right to respond. 

In their email, a spokesperson for the company said:

“We appreciate you taking the time to send an e-mail. 

“I must apologise for any upset caused by this posting.

“It was not our intention or to be disrespectful to our fantastic emergency services. We are car guys & the intention of showing a damaged car was to start a conversation about the damaged vehicle & possibly highlight the risk our emergency services are put in every day. 

“When we seen it was being misunderstood, it was removed immediately. 

“When we post an image of a damaged Porsche their is a degree of sympathy for the car, with comments like it will polish out, a good detail will sort it etc., hence the headline. 

“If you follow my Facebook page you will see my posting from the last London [knife incident] (not this weeks) I was one of the first to support the officers who carried out the shooting for their swift actions & I also openly show my support for our military service. 

“Every day is a school day & I can assure you this will not happen again as we will only be posting our own content from now on and I will be supervising every posting”.

Sounds like ‘Border Reivers’ are genuinely remorseful for any offence they caused. 

But do you think it goes far enough? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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One thought on “‘Border Reivers’ Responds After Mocking Pictures Of Crashed Police Car

  1. ‘When we seen it was being misunderstood, it was removed immediately. ‘
    It wasn’t misunderstood. The company was making a cheap joke at the expense of Police officers doing their duty, in a pathetic excuse to get more Facebook likes.
    And everyone can see that.

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