These Plasters Will Prevent Your Colleagues From Asking You Silly Questions

If ever you are in a situation at work where the conversation really starts to dry up, and you just happen to be wearing a plaster, then you can rest assured that your plaster will come into the convo. 

“So, what happened to your finger?” will be asked at the moment when there is nothing else to talk about as you stand by the coffee machine at work, waiting for that much-needed shot of caffeine. 

But if the thought of this sort of polite chit-chat is enough to send shivers down your spine, then you are in luck. 

You can now buy plasters which have different excuses on them, meaning that your colleague who loiters around the coffee machine at work won’t need to ask you what you have done to your finger. 

You get to choose between ‘dance-off’ ‘jousting’ ‘ninja fight’ or ‘shark bite’. Nothing about a ‘papercut’ though which is a bit disappointing. 

Still, at least you can just point your damaged finger in the air, and the plasters will do the rest for you. 

And if your deep, gaping wound happens to be on your middle finger then even better. 

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