Got A Hangover? This Business Will Set You Up With An Intravenous Drip From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!??!

You are probably used to seeing a whole range of bizarre and peculiar adverts as you browse your favourite social media feeds.

‘Wish’ springs to mind as being one of the company’s responsible for adverts trying to sell me stuff that I will never buy. 

Or the adverts you see for tech stuff that you know will never work (like the advert I keep seeing for ‘mini projectors’ that are supposed to project an image on to a wall better than what you would see in the cinema).

But this morning, our team spotted something that we had never seen before. 

It was an advert for a company that will come round to your house and set you up with an intravenous drip should you find yourself trying to nurse a hangover. 

The advert said:

“Rehydrate from last night so you can dehydrate all over again tonight. We won’t judge.”

The thing is, why the heck would you get some company round to set you up on a drip when all you need to do, is follow natures advice and just drink water via your mouth!? 

Why go to the hospital when the hospital can come to you!? Or just do what everyone else does and drink some water via your mouth?

The picture for the ad shows two ‘happy’ customers who have been rigged up to their respective drips (one appears to be clutching an energy drink).

Although, they don’t really look that hungover. 

If you had a hangover, would you want ‘IV Medics’ coming over to your house to rig you up to a drip? 

Or would you prefer just to walk to the sink, fill a glass up with water and then drink it? 

Let us know in the comments below 

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