Woman Detained After Impersonating A Police Officer

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Humberside Police (UK) recently managed to catch up with a woman who is accused of trying to impersonate a police officer. 

While we often hear of men trying to do the same thing, it is rare for women to try it on. 

A spokesperson for Humberside Police confirmed:

“We were called at around 5.10 pm on Sunday, 26 January, following reports a woman claiming to be a police support officer had visited the home of an elderly resident to talk about security and stolen her handbag.

This is an excellent reminder to speak to your relatives — especially those who might be vulnerable — and give them advice on what to do if someone purporting to be a police officer knocks on their door. 

Ask to see their warrant card before you open the door (assuming that you have a window at the front of your house or a ‘spy hole’). 

Ask them why they are there who who it is they need to speak to. If they cannot give you a straight answer, then call 101 and explain the situation to the call handler. 

The police would rather confirm that it is/isn’t them rather than exposing you to the criminal fraternity. 

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