The US Reveals New ‘Space Force’ Logo — And It Looks Very Familiar

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Having served in the military myself for just under six years, I always knew that a time would come when countries around the world started to introduce their respective ‘space forces’.

It was always only just a matter of time.

Anyone who follows military technology and new technology, myself included, will tell you that the future is out there (in space).

It is only a matter of time until spacefarers start to explore this solar system and maybe in around 500 years, other solar systems too.

So it was no surprise to me when Donald Trump announced that he wanted to be the founder of the US Space Force (I bet Trump is a MASSIVE Star Trek fan).

I am guessing that, for the moment at least, existing space-orientated departments in the US military which carry out various space-borne tasks will be amalgamated into this new division until the time comes when technology will allow quick-and-easy (and inexpensive) access to space.

What DID surprise me with the new Space Force, however, was that they appear to have gone straight to Star Trek for their inspiration when it came to developing their new logo!

The similarities are evident and apparent.

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