‘The Ambulance Service Is For Life Threatening Or Life Limiting Emergencies – Or At Least It Used To Bb’ | Anon

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A serving member wrote this short blog of the emergency ambulance service.

At a time when the emergency services are being seriously overworked, this short piece gives a unique insight into some of the pressures being faced by our brave emergency services personnel.

“I work for the Ambulance service!

“After a particularly crappy shift, I had a rant…I didn’t know if you might like to read it.

“From what I see day in day out it’s due to the type of calls we get!

“I remember only a few years ago if you fell as a child and hurt your arm, your parents took you to the doctor or the hospital – not call an AMBULANCE – if you had pain or discomfort during working hours you called your doctor – not an AMBULANCE – You didn’t call 999 for a cold, or for something which has been ongoing for days or weeks!

“The Ambulance service is for life-threatening or life-limiting emergencies – or at least it used to be.

“This is why we have to prioritise our most poorly patients, so if you are waiting for an ambulance plea”.

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