Residents Living Near Military Airbase Create ‘Stop The Jets Flying Over Us’ Social Media Page

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For most people, the sight of a military jet is enough to make them open their mouths in awe as the multi-million-pound machines fly overhead at Mach 1. 

But not everybody shares the same sentiment when it comes to military pilots practising their craft over the skies of North Norfolk. 

A local resident started up a page called: ‘Stop the jets flying over us’ after they became increasingly frustrated over the noise being generated by the incredible machines. 

In an introductory post, the admin of the page said:

“If you have had enough, this page will give some hope and methods to be a thorn in their side and the more of us there are, the bigger the thorn until they start to take notice…please share this page to anyone you think will appreciate it…Thank you”.

The page has thus far managed to attract 124 followers which probably won’t be enough to convince the Ministry of Defence that the noise generated by the jets is more important than our national security. 

It has also attracted a mixed bag of reviews. Dafyn Jones said:

“You colossal melt. Airbases have been in Norfolk since WW2, yet you move to the area wanting your rural idyll free of aircraft noise!!”

Nigel Lowe added:

“Seems the page has successfully made itself made itself the most ridiculous page on Fb…… Wonder if there’s an award for that….. 

“Maybe we could ask for a flypast from the lightening II’s from Marham with a follow up from some eagles, just warms the cockles of me old heart thinking about it”.

If you are a military plane enthusiast, then worry not as I doubt that flying operations in the area concerned will be stopped anytime soon.

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  1. is this a joke, Lets think, RAF USAF been flyin’ since WWII out of East coast Airbases. Battle of Britain was fought from some of these so people have freedom to live in the British Isles. Get real, we’re a small island and the military protect our freedom. Stick your self righteous NIMBY attitude and sort your life out.

  2. How many of these complainers have moved into the area since the base opened? They must have been aware beforehand of the noise generated by the aircraft. It’s like those who move to the country and complain about farm smells! Get real or get a hermetically sealed box to live in.

  3. I work at an RAF fighter base, a new housing estate has been built next door. The people who complain about the jet noise are those that have recently moved in. Didn’t they do their homework before they moved in, surely they must have known about the base. These people will be the first to complain if the armed forces couldn’t protect them. I despair sometimes.

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