Male Expelled From Public Beach After Using Inflatable Doll As Buoyancy Aid

We are used to hearing stories about people taking inappropriate floaties to the beach.

Usually, its a case of adults taking crocodile shaped buoyancy aids out onto the vastness of the open ocean before needing the coastguard to come and rescue them.

But we spotted a beach-related story with a difference while we were checking out what’s hot and what’s not on social media.

It turned out that a male who had been sunning himself on Miami beach decided to head out on to the water with a ‘companion’ that just happened to be an inflatable doll.

‘Bit of a strange companion to take to the beach’ i hear you say.

As you would expect, the beach (at the time) was full of families and kids so bringing ‘Belinda’ the blow-up doll to the waterfront was never going to be a ‘good’ idea’.

the male was pictured floating in the sea with ‘Belinda’

So Belinda’s owner was politely asked to leave the beach to prevent any further upset.

Clearly, on this occasion, he should have stuck to inflatable crocodiles.

Apparently, despite it being the winter months, we have heard that ‘Belinda’ is still on the beaches of Miami being blown around as she looks for a new companion to join her out on the ocean.

If ever an excuse was needed to head to Miami beach, then this is it!?

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  • Hilarious! I contemplated doing exactly the same when I lived near the coast. With my weight, it would need to be a three-some I suspect!

  • Carrie Evolga

    When I was in Miami a big chested woman (clearly fake) like the size of basketballs walks by with only her nipples covered. Another with almost as big fake ones stops in front of my family takes her bikini top off & stood there topless for a few minutes while she looks through her bag for her shirt…..NOTHING was said to either of them….guess being inappropriate only applies to men.

    • Men can be topless whenever they choose to. Why are you body shaming these women? If she wanted basketball size breasts, who are you to judge? You may be uncomfortable with your own body but it is 2020. Take your prude beliefs back to 1920.

    • Brian Breese

      Awww, please just be quiet.

  • He was just being funny. Lighten up!
    Kids seeing that don’t know it’s a sex toy. They just think it’s an inflatable person.
    There was no need to throw him out unless…
    We he rockin with the waves? Lol

  • How ridiculous, people are so precious these days, lighten up!

  • Castrate him and send Belinda to “Justice” Kavanaugh!

    • Kavanaugh’s already got one…….he calls her ‘Donald’, however.

  • If this float is arockin don’t come a knockin!

  • Just put a bikini on her and all is good!!

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