Can We All Agree To Leave The Toilet In A Clean State?

If you are like me, then you dread the thought of having to use any toilet that isn’t your own. 

Especially the horrendous toilets which can be found in service stations and other public areas which have a high amount of footfall. They resemble something out of a horror movie. 

Work toilets can also be particularly nasty, as some employees seem to think that spreading their body waste everywhere is akin to having a go at their boss. 

But for one workplace, in particular, they felt that they had no option other than to put up a pictorial guide regarding how you should and, more importantly, shouldn’t use the toilets at work. 

In what sort of condition must the toilet be left to make signs like this necessary?

There was a rumour on social media that this sign was found in a popular fast-food restaurant. 

But, for legal reasons, we cannot name them as we cannot prove that this sign is indeed in their staff toilets. 

But its stuff like this which give people like me OCD! 

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