Shortage Of Face Masks Is Causing People To ‘Adapt And Overcome’

As millions of people start to buy facemasks in an attempt to avoid the coronavirus, then it would seem that demand is beginning to outstrip supply. 

The situation is becoming so desperate that one male has been spotted walking around with a bra covering his mouth. 

An image of the male was uploaded to social media by someone who clearly was a bit bemused by the sight of someone walking around with a bra covering their face. 

A bra probably won’t afford you the same protection from an infectious disease as a facemask would, but perhaps ‘something’ is better than nothing? 

With more and more people trying to protect themselves from the fast-spreading coronavirus then we will no doubt start to see more people trying to improvise, adapt and overcome when it comes to trying to protect themselves from the disease. 

It may still be at least a few months until a vaccine is developed for the coronavirus. 

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