“Snow Storm” Causes A McDonalds To Close For 18,000 Years

We are used to our favourite fast-food restaurants having to close due to inclement weather conditions.

Especially at a time when our climate seems to have gone into meltdown due to the number of pollutants we have thrown into it over the last 100 years.

But some hungry patrons were shocked after finding out that their local McDonalds eatery had decided to shut for 18,000 years to see out a snowstorm.

The owner of this restaurant must know something that we don’t because 18,000 years is a long, long time.

So long in fact, that by the time it opens, humanity (if it hasn’t destroyed itself) will probably consist of part-human part-robot hybrids who won’t even need to eat.

I still reckon that McDonald’s will be serving up the trusty cheeseburger and chicken nuggets in 18,000 year time though — its just a shame that none of us will be around to enjoy them.

And it just goes to show how much difference a single typo can make when it comes to putting signs up which are in full view of the public.

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11 thoughts on ““Snow Storm” Causes A McDonalds To Close For 18,000 Years

  1. Where did this take place? Is this a franchise where the owners decided this or is it corporate own?

    1. It’s a joke. McDonald’s wasn’t a thing 18,000 years ago so OBVIOUSLY they never had one close down for that amount of time.

  2. It’s hard to understand how that a common typo when making a sign was enough to first of all cause someone to waste their time writing a report about it, and then to title an article with incorrect information that a McDonald’s has decided to close for 18,000 years because of an expected snow storm. Surely, this writer has something better to write about. We all make mistakes when typing. Someone didn’t catch the error before they taped a sign to their door. I wonder how the writer would feel if someone made her/his typos go viral to make fun of them?

    1. The writer of the sign wasn’t named and shamed. I’m sure their self esteem is unaffected by this article. That said, it must have been a slow news day..

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