Cops Track Down Bus Bullies After Video Of Girl Being Attacked Goes Viral

Nobody likes a bully: Litrally, nobody. 

Especially when you have a situation where one girl is being bullied and attacked by several other girls. 

When I saw the video below, then, like the thousands of people who commented on the post, I felt angry and disgusted at what I saw; a young girl sat down on a bus and surrounded by other girls being repeatedly smacked in the face. 

After being hit, the victim didn’t retaliate… You can see the apparent distress she is in by the look on her face. 

But with nearly 100,000 combined retweets, then it was only going to be a matter of time before the victim’s attackers were caught by the long arm of the law. 

And today, West Midlands Police confirmed that they have arrested one 15-year old girl and are due to make further arrests in the not-too-distant future. 

Inspector Lauren Glass from West Midlands Police CID said: 

“The response from members of the public, clearly disgusted by what they’ve seen online, has been overwhelming, and we’ve had lots of people getting in touch to provide names of people involved.

“We have identified two suspects. One has been arrested, and plans are in place for the other to attend a police station for questioning later today.

“I’d like to reassure everyone this is being treated very seriously and that the enquiry is progressing. Under no circumstances should anyone take matters into their own hands as this could leave them liable to prosecution themselves.”

The motivation for the attack is unclear and, to be honest, it does not matter. 

If you are going to bully and attack someone like this, then you deserve the inevitable outcome of being taken into a smelly police cell where you will have to account for your despicable actions. 

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