Could This Be The Inspiration Behind The Starbucks Logo?

After being told by my local Starbucks that I could not use my Starbucks loyalty card “because they are a franchise” (I thought that ALL Starbucks were franchises!?), it got me thinking about the origins of Starbucks and just how much money they must make. 

Despite my ‘loyalty’ for being a repeat customer not being rewarded in this particular Starbucks, I still handed over way too much money for a couple of drinks which probably cost Starbucks a minuscule amount of money to procure. 

After spending ten minutes clearing away the leftovers which had been left for me by the people who had just been using the table that I sat at, I managed to sit down with my wife and two-year-old son as we contemplated just what else we could have spent our money on. 

I then spent around 30 seconds thinking about their rather unique logo and after searching on Google for ‘origins of Starbucks logo’ the image below came up in the billions of results. 

‘aahhh’ –I thought. ‘it all makes sense now’. 

Maybe the customer is seen as the lady in this image and Starbucks is the entity about to ‘roger’ you. 

Apart from the fact that Starbucks has been around since the ’70s and the lady in the image has been around only in the last decade, I thought that my conclusion was pretty sound. 

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