Private Facebook Group Admins Insist On ‘No Laugh Reacts’ From Its Members As It ‘Is A Form Of Bullying’

Facebook Groups form the backbone of our social interactions on the worlds largest social media site. 

Billions of people are in billions of ‘private’ and ‘public’ interest groups which help to bring people together based on their shared mutual interests. 

Most of these groups have ‘rules’ which have been set up by group admins that members must adhere to if they want to stay in the virtual fraternity they are applying to join. 

If you break the rules, then you are out on your a*se. 

You become a castaway floating around on the washed-up shores of social media. 

For many people, these groups form a vital part of their -day-to-day interactions online. 

As social media users, we love our groups; some people are members of thousands of Facebook groups! 

But the admins of one group caused a bit of a stir when they decided to introduce a rule that made it clear that ‘laugh reacts’ would not be tolerated on posts which are submitted by group members. 

In one of the rules, an admin of the unknown group announced:

“We do not allow laugh reacts in this group – it is a form of bullying”.

Quite how the admins are going to enforce this rule remains a mystery as it would effectively mean that every post in the group will have to be checked, with the offending emoji users being individually kicked out. 

However, If you are looking for a light-hearted group that is full of smiles (and laugh reacts), then we would recommend The Banter Collective which currently has just under 20,000 happy and jolly members from all around the world. 

The admins of this group have assured us that ‘laugh reacts’ would result in your being kicked out.

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