‘HMP’ Branded Tiny Phones Are Still Making Their Way Into Prisons

The internet has become a place where you can literally buy anything. You name it, and you can find some keen seller trying to flog it online. 

In fact, people are starting to build entire brands on the back of instant access to millions of potential customers who they would not have been able to easily reach before the days of the internet. 

Take these tiny ‘HMP’ phones as a prime example. They are so small that they could easily fit up/in the tiniest of spaces. 

And so, as their name suggests, they have managed to find their way into the prison population meaning that any prisoner lucky enough to get their hands on one, won’t have to wait hours in the telephone queue. 

But then what about the prisoners who are still able to run their criminal network from their cells? 

In one post shared on social media, one budding salesperson gladly announced:

“Lads anyone want a phone for the jail or just to mess about with.

“Comes in box with charger and spare it’s only the size of a lighter.

‘They are the worlds smallest phone, and it says it on the box.

“Comes with an 089 sim in it and free calls and texts for a month.

” I’m looking for handy set harness, or I’ll deal against anything”.

There’s little wonder why there are so many intimate ‘searches’ being carried out in prisons when literally anyone can get their hands on ‘the worlds tiniest phone’.  

Although, you might want to give it a good scrub using several packs of antiseptic wipes before you use it. 

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