If You Don’t Pull Over For The Emergency Services, Then You Shouldn’t Be On The Road

Most motorists have been there; you are driving along, and you hear the two-tones blaring out from an emergency vehicle, but you can’t make out exactly where they are coming from. 

You frantically check your mirrors to try and work out where the police car, ambulance, fire engine, unmarked car or coastguard vehicle is coming from. 

Finally, you spot it. 

The bright LEDs light up the inside of your car simulating the experience that many people feel before aliens abduct them; the bright blue lights followed by tunnel vision. 

And this is where the problems can start. 

For some people, the tunnel vision means that they know exactly where to move to let the emergency vehicle through.

They focus on the correct spot to move into to give way. 

But for some motorists, well, they simply do not care. They refuse to move. They think that the emergency vehicle should have to wait until more space appears ahead. 

But for victims/patients who might be in a life-or-death situation, then this delay could cost them their life. 

If you cannot be bothered to move out of the way for an emergency vehicle, then you should not be on the road. 

Just imagine if that was your loved one who needed help? 

You would want the emergency services to get there as quickly as possible, and you would, quite rightly, be angry at anyone who stopped them from making good progress. 

So next time you see the blue lights in your rear-view mirror, just be thankful that it’s not you who is in desperate need of help. 

Move out of the way, safely, and then carry on with your journey. 

To the individuals who refuse to budge because your ego won’t allow it, then you should do everyone a favour and hand your driving licence in ASAP. 

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