The No-nonsense Sign That Is Supposed To Stop You From Fighting

Although some of the ‘public information’ signs which are dotted around town tend to be ignored, I reckon that if the police started to come up with public information signs which are worded similarly to the one below, then more people would probably take notice of them.

In this sign (we haven’t been able to figure out exactly where it is located) not only are the police saying that you are not allowed to fight, but they are also reminding potential fighters that if you lose the fight, then you will probably be hospitalised.

And better still, they are reminding people that if you ‘win’ the fight, then you will end up in jail.

One criticism of the sign would be that it doesn’t elaborate as to who will hospitalise the losing party?

Would it be their opponent or the police?

Either way, we thought that this sign was worthy of a share with our followers…

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