Lads, If You Want The ‘Love Island Look’ Don’t Do Steroids, Just Work Harder Down The Gym!

Today we learn that ‘Love Island’ is being blamed for an increase in the use of steroids as men try to imitate the ‘Love Island Look’ (whatever that is). 

According to the Daily Mail, ‘experts’ have warned that steroid abuse will lead to ‘a surge in hospital appointments in 20 years’.

While researching this article, I had to look at images of the male contestants who make up the winter line up of Love Island, and I am reasonably confident that any male who is wanting to ‘replicate’ this look, does not need to go anywhere near steroids. 

I have been a frequent flying to the gym now for about ten years. 

Not that you would necessarily think so if you happened to see me in my superfast blue speedo’s. 

It is always easy to spot the lads who are on ‘roids’ down the gym because their bodies resemble something off of a Marvel film. 

I have also had friends in the past who have also taken them. 

These are the friends who typically start trouble down the pub because the roids seem to make them angry. Very angry. 

I am reasonably confident that none of the males who are currently in the villa are on steroids because their muscle tone looks more ‘natural’ than steroid-induced. 

Believe it or not, if you want the ‘Love Island Look’, then all you need to do is work hard down the gym and eat well. No need to waste your money on the roids. 

Four to five visits a week down the gym should do the trick (based on about 40-45 minutes of throwing weights around). You don’t really need all those protein bars either. 

Just think; Roman Gladiators didn’t have protein shakes/bars, and they look about five times bigger than the lads in Love Island.  

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