‘The Ambulance Service Is For Life Threatening Or Life Limiting Emergencies – Or At Least It Used To Bb’ | Anon

A serving member wrote this short blog of the emergency ambulance service.

At a time when the emergency services are being seriously overworked, this short piece gives a unique insight into some of the pressures being faced by our brave emergency services personnel.

“I work for the Ambulance service!

“After a particularly crappy shift, I had a rant…I didn’t know if you might like to read it.

“When your world falls apart, where all those services who are meant to be there to help and protect you?

“Well we are HERE, the emergency services are here for you, to help, support, protect and hopefully fix you.

“But we are struggling…we have so many people calling us for help that it now takes more time to get to you than it used too.

“It’s not because we have fewer people or fewer vehicles on the road.

“From what I see day in day out it’s due to the type of calls we get!

“I remember only a few years ago if you fell as a child and hurt your arm, your parents took you to the doctor or the hospital – not call an AMBULANCE – if you had pain or discomfort during working hours you called your doctor – not an AMBULANCE – You didn’t call 999 for a cold, or for something which has been ongoing for days or weeks!

“The Ambulance service is for life-threatening or life-limiting emergencies – or at least it used to be.

“This is why we have to prioritise our most poorly patients, so if you are waiting for an ambulance plea”.

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